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Minecraft Tower Defence 2


In the original version of Minecraft Tower Defence, you were limited to only three nearly identical maps and eight items to work with. In Minecraft Tower Defense 2, there are over 16 dynamic maps with a whopping 18 items to use!

Adventure Mode
In this mode you will play as Steve, a new player who just got into Minecraft. Unfortunately a troublesome griefer blows up his new village into smithereens! Steve was the only survivor, and the adventure begins. To get the hang of the game, you need to complete missions and unlock items to help you throughout the game. Although this game does save automatically, be sure not to clear your browser cookies or else your progress will be erased!

Survival Mode
After you beat the Adventure Mode, all the normal items in the game will be unlocked. Hopefully you are experienced enough now to face the overflowing waves of enemies on one of 12 maps from Adventure Mode. Every map has a leaderboard that you can claim a spot in. Do you have enough skills to get your name on there?

Challenges basically are tied to medals. You can complete challenges in Adventure Mode by finishing objectives, where you’ll be rewarded with normal items. To complete item challenges, you need to constantly use an item until you can unlock special items or gain perks like making items cheaper.

Click to make a path for the mobs that will come to attack. Buy defense structures to defend.


R – Reset path
U – Undo last block
WASD/Arrows – Look around the map